Press Appearance

  • Our work on Information Gathering Actions over Human Internal State from IROS 2016 was highlighted in the IEEE Spectrum: Autonomous Cars Could Determine Your Driving Style by Gently Probing You

  • Our work on Planning for Autonomous Cars that Leverages Effects on Human Actions from RSS 2016 was highlighted in The Atlantic: Robots That Act Differently When You are Around, the Berkeley Engineer Magazine: Machines that converse, and the Robohub: Robots Podcast: RSS 2016 Selected Interviews.

  • Our work on Safe Control under Uncertainty with Probabilistic Signal Temporal Logic from RSS 2016 was highlighted in the Microsoft Research Blog: Cyber-physical systems you can bet your life on.

  • Workshops

    We are organizing a workshop on Perspectives on Analysis and Design of Human-Centered Robotics at IROS 2016.




    Electricity and Magnetism Presentation at Boost! Oakland

    Origami Robot Workshop at NASA's Ames Research Center with Girl Scouts of Northern California

    Honors and Awards